Those of you who are familiar with this author’s concept of “the Snowman” will understand this month’s message.  The Snowman reminds us that everything in our life, our actions and feelings, flow from certain ideas or beliefs that we hold.  But what happens when our complex human brain can hold two seemingly contradictory, but both truthful and accurate, ideas at the same time?

Let me give you a few examples:

              Idea #1 –  I love my job. 

              Idea # 2 –  My boss is frustrating and annoying


             Idea # 1 –  I value my comfortableMichigan lakeside home in the summer.

             Idea # 2 – I hate Michigan winters where we live.

Assuming that all four of the above statements are true, the individual is faced with a choice: a challenge.  To which of these very honest thoughts do I give the most weight and influence? 

Let’s take a moment to consider this most remarkable and amazing of our human attributes: our brain.   And I’ll contrast it with my little dog, Yojo.  My pet is smart in some ways, but his brain is only able to hold one thought at a time.  If he is hungry, or needs to go out, or wants to play, he demonstrates those thoughts by barking, or scratching at the door, or presenting me with a ball to throw.  It doesn’t seem to matter whether I’m busy or tired, he expresses his singular thought in those ways.  Is my little dog inconsiderate?  Of course not.   He just is not capable of that form of complex thinking.

But we humans are the “deluxe model” of mammals. Unlike Yojo, we can hold two truthful ideas simultaneously.  And more importantly, we possess the ability to choose between those two ideas.  So, are we annoyed by our spouse/partner or are we grateful to have him (or her) in our life?  We get to choose which thought serves us better.

You don’t need a crystal ball to realize which of those two accurate, but contradictory, choices is more likely to generate a more enjoyable evening.  Or a happier life in general.

Choose wisely.

Thoughts have power; thoughts have energy; you have the ability to make or beak your world by your thinking.