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Dr. John’s love of teaching probably expresses itself most vividly in his role as a trainer. An enthusiastic and entertaining presenter, he is able to convey his cognitively-oriented messages to audiences with a clear and entertaining style.

Having taught over fifteen different graduate-level courses in his years as a professor but also drawing on his years as a high school teacher, Dr. John possesses the ability to present the concepts he has shared with graduate students to general population audiences with effectiveness and broad appeal.

Most recently, he has enjoyed sharing his research findings that are outlined in his book on female mate selection, Dump The Neanderthal; Choose Your Prime Mate. His presentations have provided insights to public safety officers, teachers, business executives, parents, municipal leaders, high school and college students, and fellow clinicians across America.

Dr. John bases his lectures and trainings around his fundamental concept of the “snowman,” his visual representation of the cognitive theoretical orientation that drives both his trainings and his clinical work. By explaining his fundamental belief that thoughts are the motivational basis of all behavior, and, in turn, behaviors produce feelings (emotional reactions), Dr. John guides his audiences to an understanding which flows naturally from the thoughts and beliefs that they hold.

His topics have addressed relationship barriers and methods for improving them. He has reviewed modes of communications and enumerated the cognitive roadblocks that inhibit better relationships. He has provided trainings on a wide range of addictions that thwart personal happiness and career productivity. Through the sharing of easily understood methods and techniques, Dr. John trains both couples and professionals alike in strategies for enriching their personal relationships.


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Thoughts. Behaviors. Feelings. These are the three pillars of the Farrars' approach to counseling. As a cognitive counselor, Dr. John believes our behaviors and feelings stem from our thoughts.

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Dr. John & Anita treat both adults and adolescents on topics including chemical dependency, couples and family counseling, as well as employment-related problems and issues, with emphasis on not having to use recreational or prescribed substances.

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Dump the Neanderthal, Choose Your Prime Mate

Dr. John draws upon years of experience and his work with over 300 women to identify six reasons why women choose dysfunctional and under-achieving partners.

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Dr. John is an enthusiastic and entertaining presenter, able to convey his cognitively-oriented messages to audiences with a clear and entertaining style.

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